Our Commitment to Safety

At M C Delivery, safety is our first core value. Establishing this culture protects our employees as well as our client’s employees, facility, company and customers from avoidable hazards. It also contributes to our efficiency and operational excellence.

Our employees are continually trained and evaluated using our “AAA of M C Delivery” that covers all aspects of workplace safety.

  • Awareness: Stay in the moment. Recognize potential safety hazards.
  • Anticipation: Plan your next action before the hazard becomes an emergency.
  • Attitude: Commit to established safety principles and procedures. Be professional, courteous, and focused at all times. Yield the right of way to avoid any possibility of an incident.

Prior to hiring, we also conduct pre-employment background checks that include employment and criminal history, driving skills, driving record, and drug/alcohol testing. During the course of employment, employees are monitored for their driving skills, driving record, personal work habits and alcohol/drug-free workplace compliance.

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